Current members of the Centre for Arts, Media & Culture are listed here. Click on each name to learn more about our members and the vital work they do.

School of Arts & Creative Industries Members (SACI)

Dr Emily Alder, Lecturer in English

Lisa Aref, PhD Student in English

Dr Sarah Artt, Lecturer in English

Dr Elsa Bouet, Lecturer in English

Wesam Basabain, PhD Student in Media

Martin Belk, PhD Student in Arts/Archives (TBS & SACI)

Cecilia Bennett, PhD Student in Publishing

Dr Arunima Bhattacharya, Lecturer in English

Dr Peter Buwert, Lecturer in Design

Rebekah Donn, PhD Student in Music

Professor Linda Dryden, Professor in English

Dr Ivana Ebel, Associate Professor in Journalism

Victoria Elliott, PhD Student in English

Judith Fieldhouse, PhD Student in Photography/Archives

Dr Andrew Frayn, Lecturer in English

Dr Tom Flint, Associate Professor in Design

Dr Pete Freestone, Lecturer in Creative Writing

Kevin Geddes, PhD Student in Media

Callum Harper, PhD Student in English

Dr Paul Harkins, Lecturer in Music

Aidan Harvey, PhD Student in Music

Professor Haftor Medboe, Professor in Music

Dr Kirstie Jamieson, Lecturer in Design

Dr Arin Keeble, Lecturer in English

Aleksandar Kocic, Lecturer in Journalism

Usha Kishore, PhD Student in English

Amy King, PhD Student in Media/English (TBS & SACI)

Dr Georgina Lucas, Lecturer in English

Dr Scott Lyall, Associate Professor in English

Dr Qiao Li, Lecturer in Film

Dr Zack Moir, Associate Professor in Music

Dr Stevie Marsden, Lecturer in Publishing

Dr Eamonn O’Neill, Associate Professor in Journalism

David Revell, PhD Student in English

Professor Anne Schwan, Professor in English & CAMC Lead

Viviana Susanna, PhD Student in English

Catriona Schofield, PhD Student in English

Dr Paul Sellors, Lecturer in Film

Dr Alexander Supartono, Lecturer in Photography

Dr Tara Thomson, Lecturer in English 

Dr Niina Turtola, Lecturer in Design

Elizabeth Veldon, PhD Student in Music

School of Applied Sciences Members (SAS)

Oliver Cutler, PhD Student in Psychoanalytic Theory & Film (SAS & SACI)

Dr Gavin Maclean, Lecturer in Sociology

Massimiliano Murra, PhD Student in Psychoanalytic Theory

Dr Calum Neill, Associate Professor of Psychoanalysis and Cultural Theory 

Terry Osborne, PhD Student in Ethics and Education 

School of Computing, Engineering & The Built Environment Members (SCEBE)

Dr Ingi Helgason, Senior Research Fellow

Dr Iain McGregor, Lecturer in Sound Design

Dr Inge Panneels, Research Fellow in Creative Informatics

Dr Michael Smyth, Associate Professor in Interaction Design

The Business School Members (TBS) 

Dr Mabel Victoria, Lecturer in Intercultural Communication & Applied Sociolinguistics

Dr Craig Wight, Associate Professor in Tourism

External Members 

Professor James Loxley, University of Edinburgh

Professor Stefan Manz, Aston University

Centre for Arts, Media & Culture