We are committed to developing employable marketing graduates who add value to business and society at large.

Building on:

  • cutting-edge marketing knowledge,
  • application-oriented research, and
  • strong links to marketing practice 

we enhance student employability and create a leading-edge student experience. 

With our modern and dynamic curriculum, we provide you with the skills you need to reach your career goals – whether it be on a practice or research related pathway.      

With strong ties to industry, we ensure that our programmes and modules are kept up to date, delivering material that reflect emerging trends. Our programmes are accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and the Institute of Data and Marketing (IDM). 

You will benefit from the professional engagement within our programmes – through guest lectures, workshops, live projects, and work placements, as well as gain entrance into our Student Marketing Society.       

Our Public Engagement and Professional Experience 

Our staff are involved in a variety of activities both in- and outside of academia. Colleagues have performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, others are acclaimed fiction writers, and have undertaken public speaking engagements including at the Scottish Parliament, the Royal College of Surgeons, and the Edinburgh Book Festival.  
Our work experience outside of academia includes producing and marketing the number 1 radio station in Los Angeles and news radio station in the United States, hosting a rock radio show in Edinburgh, consulting for the UK Catapult network, editing one of the largest business news websites in South Africa, providing digital marketing coaching at the Google Digital Garage, and more.  

Members of the marketing group continue to be actively involved with marketing, including running our Edinburgh Napier Marketing Network podcast and Marketing LinkedIn group, publishing and promoting the first academic textbook on Content Marketing and an associated 2-day Masterclass, producing and marketing events such as our annual ‚Meet The Marketers‘ and, in 2024, producing and promoting the Global Brand Conference.

Our Research

Our exciting and wide-ranging research projects help to tackle relevant and pressing worldly questions. For example, it has led to a rollout of No Smoking zones in the Sleman Regency of Indonesia. By working towards impactful solutions benefitting organisations and society at large, we embrace collaborations with scholars and practitioners alike, and we welcome you to join us. Please look our profiles to find out more about current projects underway.

Our research themes include: 

Society and Well-Being

Our research in this area focuses on ethical marketing, social marketing, food marketing, gender studies, generational marketing, political marketing, critical marketing and fashion marketing. 

Dr Alessandro Feri

Dr Ashleigh Logan-McFarlane

Dr Clidna Soraghan

Dr Elaine Mercer-Jones

Dr Kathryn Rezai

Dr Millissa Cheung

Dr Paul Naughton

Dr Reika Igarashi

Innovation, Digital and Technology

Our research in this area focuses on digital marketing, social media marketing, online engagement, technology acceptance, organisational creativity and innovation diffusion.

Dr Agata Krowinska

Dr Andrew Kincaid

Dr Christine Band

Dr Jackie Cameron 

Dr Kyle Andrews

Dr Lu Fan

Dr Mark Passera

Dr Simone Kurtzke


Our research in this area focuses on corporate social responsibility, sustainable marketing, sustainable branding, relationship marketing and international marketing.

Professor Christof Backhaus

Dr Collins Osei

Dr Jamie Thompson

Dr Mavis Gutu

Dr Millissa Cheung

Dr Nathalia Tjandra

Professor Anna Watson