Our staff

Our staff are committed to developing and applying expertise in a range of business-related areas.

Lyndsay Stewart Lecture TheatreIn delivering our courses, staff draw on their extensive range of experience - both academic and professional - and many staff regularly engage in consultancy and contract research activities.

An increasing percentage of our staff are involved in research projects and research supervision. Research and scholarship also underpins teaching and programme development activity. Staff maintain close links with industry through professional body memberships, Knowledge Transfer Programmes, and Placement and Live Project module supervision.

Please click on a staff members name for a detailed profile including a biography and full contact details, or to email them directly if there is no profile available. 

Dean of The Business School

Gail Boag
PA to the Dean
Jennie Vaughan

Heads of Subject Group

Professor Paul Barron, Tourism & Languages
Professor Brian Howieson, Management
Dr Richard Whitecross, Law 
James Brown, Accounting

Julie Dickson, School Support

Christof Backhaus, Research and Marketing

Chris Divito, Financial Services

Lesley Pender Hayes, Post Graduate Programmes

Jackie Brodie, Learning and Teaching

School Academic Lead

Dr Patrick Harte, Student Experience
Ronnie Lannon, Quality Enhancement
Professor Alison McCleery, Research
Dr Gerri Matthews-Smith, Research 

Accountancy, Finance and Law

James Brown, Senior Lecturer
Dr Matthew Bonnett, Lecturer in Accounting
Dr Sarah Borthwick, Lecturer in Accounting
Dr James Dunn, Lecturer in Accounting
Dr Rachel Findlay, Lecturer in Accounting
Professor Simon Gao, Lecturer
Dr Morrison Handley-Schachler, Lecturer
Suki Kaur, Lecturer
Dr Fawad Khaleel, Lecturer in Accounting
Andy Moffat, Lecturer & Teaching Fellow, Accounting
Grahame Steven, Lecturer & Teaching Fellow, Accounting

Tim Burrows, Lecturer in Financial Services
Graeme Dalziel, Associate Lecturer
Paul Gallacher, Research Student
Dr Henry Huang, Lecturer in Financial Services
Dr Tienyu Hwang, Lecturer in Financial Services
Paul Langford, Lecturer in Financial Services
Dr Marizah Minhat, Lecturer in Finance
Malcolm Pettigrew, Senior Lecturer in Financial Services
David Potter, Lecturer
Dr Maria Mina Rosero, Lecturer in Financial Services
Dr Les Short, Lecturer in Financial Services
Dr Jane Zhang, Lecturer in Financial Services

Kenneth Dale-Risk
, Lecturer in Human Rights, Criminal & Property Law
Leslie Dodd, Lecturer in Law
Dr Nazam Dzolkarnaini, Associate Professor
Dr Lesley-Anne Macfarlane, Lecturer in Law
James McDougall, Lecturer in Sports & Consumer Law
Dr Clare Frances Moran, Lecturer in Law
Zhongdong Niu, Lecturer in Media, Employment & International Economic Law
Duncan Spiers, Lecturer in Jurisprudence; Criminal & Property Law
Dr Richard Whitecross, Associate Professor in Law

Business Management

Mammed Bagher, Senior Lecturer & Teaching Fellow, Leadership
Ronald Broatch, Online Tutor (Global Online)
Alessandro Feri, University Tutor (Global Online)
Dr Moira Nikodem, Online Tutor (Global Online)
Elena Pershina, University Tutor (Global Online)
Urszula Roman-Kamphaus, Online Tutor (Global Online)
Sandy Wilson, Online Tutor

Norma D’Annunzio-Green, Subject Group Leader, Human Resource Management 
Dr Vaughan Ellis, Lecturer in Work and Industrial Relations
Mary Fraser, Associate Lecturer
Laura Gerrard, Lecturer in Human Resource Management
Dr Kirsteen Grant, Associate Professor 
Britta Heidl, Graduate Teaching Assistant
Colin MacKenzie, Specialist Lecturer
Ciaran McFadden, Lecturer in Human Resource Management
Dr Lesley McLean, Lecturer in Human Resource Management
Dr Janice McMillan, Reader, HRD and Public Management
Dr Jennifer O’Neill, Lecturer in Global HR and Labour Relations
Dr Holly Patrick, Lecturer in Human Resource Management
Julie Preston, Associate in Human Resource Management
Dr Mike Sanderson, Lecturer in Employee Relations
Douglas Young, Lecturer in Human Resource Management

Dr Nathalia Tjandra, Associate Professor
Jaylan Azer, Lecturer
Dr Christine Band, Lecturer in Marketing
Anne Chalmers, Lecturer in Marketing
Denitsa Dineva, Lecturer in Marketing
Professor John Ensor, Professor in Marketing
Nilay Balkan, Marketing Tutor (Online)
Mavis Gutu, University Tutor (Global Online)
Dr Andrew Kincaid, Lecturer in Marketing 
Agata Krowinska, Lecturer
Dr Ashleigh Logan-McFarlane, Lecturer in Marketing
Dr Lucy Lu, Lecturer in Marketing
Dr Paul Naughton, Lecturer in Marketing
Dr Collins Osei, Lecturer in Marketing
Dr Vandana Pareek, Lecturer in Marketing
Philip Snelle, Lecturer in Marketing
Clidna Soraghan, Lecturer in Marketing
Dr Elaine Thomson, Lecturer in Marketing

Samantha Hadden, Research Assistant

Dr Kenny Crossan, Lecturer in Economics
Dr Matthew Dutton, Lecturer
Dr Michael Fascia, Lecturer in Business Management
Dr Alina Gavris, Lecturer in Economics
Dr Moira Hughes, Senior Lecturer in Statistics & Research Methods
Dr Carles Ibanez, Lecturer in Economics
Dr Piotr Jaworski, Lecturer in Economics
Dr Claire Lindsay, Lecturer in Operations and Supply Chain Management
David Lindsay, Lecturer in Business Management
Xavier Pierron, Lecturer in Strategy
Dr Stephen Robertson, Lecturer in Operations and International Business 
Dr Andrew Ross, Lecturer in Economics & International Business
Dr Sarah Sholl, Lecturer in Strategic Management and Research Skills
Dr Rowan Steele, Lecturer in Human Resource Management
Dr Hock Tan, Lecturer in International Business
Dr Karl Warner, Lecturer in Strategy & International Business
Dr Miles Weaver, Lecturer in Operations and Supply Chain Management

Professor Thomas Garavan, Research Professor, Leadership
Professor Maura Sheehan, International Management


Dr Rosemary Allford, Lecturer in Entrepreneurship
Maggie Anderson, Lecturer, Entrepreneurship Learning/Creativity/Innovation
Dr Christopher Cramphorn, Associate Professor of Enterprise and Innovation
Deborah Crompton, University Tutor (Global Online)
Dr David Johnson, Lecturer in Entrepreneurship
Dr Barbara McCrory, Lecturer in Entrepreneurship
Dr Luca Mora, Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Dr Renata Osowska, Lecturer in Entrepreneurship
Dr Allison Wylde, Online Tutor 

Tourism and Languages

Professor Jane Ali-Knight, Professor of Festival & Event Management
Dr Constantia Anastasiadou, Reader in Tourism  Management
Dr Justyna Bakiewicz, Lecturer in Tourism Management
Simon Chiu, Lecturer in Tourism & Hospitality Management 
Lindsay Cole, Lecturer in Tourism and Airline Management
Pauline Gordon, Lecturer in Hospitality Management
Dr Ahmed Hassanien, Lecturer in Hospitality Management
Michael Herriott, Lecturer in Hospitality Management
David Jarman, Lecturer in Festival & Event Management
Dr Gary Kerr, Lecturer in Festival & Event Management
Professor Anna Leask,, Professor of Tourism Management
Professor Paul Lynch , Professor of Critical Hospitality and Tourism
Rory MacLellan, Lecturer in Tourism Management
Dr Joan McLatchie, Senior Lecturer in Hospitality Management 
Dr Ivana Rihova, Lecturer in Tourism Management
Dr Martin Robertson, Associate Professor In Festival and Event Management
Dr Stephen Taylor, Lecturer in Hospitality Management
Dr Ross Tinsley, Lecturer in Tourism Management
Dr Louise Todd, Lecturer in Festival and Event Management
Dr Gavin Urie, Lecturer in Hospitality Management
Dr Ellis Urquhart, Lecturer in Tourism Management
Lynn Waterston, Lecturer in Tourism Management
Professor Craig Wight, Associate Professor in Tourism Management

Stella Beltran-Inman, Associate Lecturer in Languages
Sylvain Blanche, Lecturer in Languages
Anne Campbell, Lecturer in Languages
Benedicte Cebrian, Lecturer in Languages
Yolanda Montero, Lecturer in Languages
Christine Penman, Senior Lecturer, French
Dr Nick Pilcher, Lecturer in Languages
Sibylle Ratz, Lecturer in Languages
Dr Phiona Stanley, Associate Professor, Intercultural Communications
Mabel Victoria, Lecturer in Languages
Dr Jane Wilkinson, Lecturer in Languages
Dr Vivien Zhou, Lecturer in Languages